Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I use my guitar to kill illusion and express my souls’ voice - Tomoki Spilsbury

Introducing Tomoki.

Tomoki joins ONE as our guitar player in our small but very important orchestra. Joining a keyboard and a violin we are excited to have Tomoki on board.

Here is a little bit more about him:

Tomoki was born in Japan in 1984. He developed an early passion for guitar when his grandmother gave him his first at age 13. Guitar became a total focus of his energy and creativity during his teens. At thirteen, he was adopted by a friend in the United States, as he felt his music career was meant to take off in the USA.
He began his life in the United States in Maui, Hawaii where he studied jazz and became familiar with life and the English language in the USA. When he no longer felt challenged by the teachers on the island, he decided to move to LA to study at LA Musican’s Institute, where his professional training began in earnest. Later he felt that it was important to move to the Bay area, near San Francisco to study at Berkeley Jazz School, which he did for three years. During this time he also deeply studied private lessons with one of the most respected Jazz music teachers in the US, Charlie Banocos. He is still studying with this Jazz legend.
Tomoki recorded his first CD with Paul Van Wageningen and John Whitalla. During this same time period, Tomoki began to perform with the Danny Cao Quintet. Tomoki was very influenced by the music of Jimi Hendrix in his early explorations in music . His musical flavor of late combines many styles of music, which most recently birthed a fusion of contemporary jazz and Japanese folk melodies which he plays with his band “Neiro” featuring Tomoki on guitar, Paul Van Wageningen on drums and Kit Walker on Hammond organ.

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