Thursday, August 27, 2009

Let the show begin...

There is nothing so valuable as an audience!

The space we’re in for performances is so interesting, its intimacy making it that there is no dark back corner to lurk in. Everyone is looking right at one another, actors and audience alike.

It’s like we’re living life right in front of each other. Which is what we do every day, but sometimes it takes the slow rise of lights and the thud of an actor’s shoes across the set to help us remember that everything is happening all the time.

The audience is the third pillar of theater. Watching them lean forward, hearing them laugh, seeing them have a moment that catches them off guard, and getting their feedback is vital as we continue development.

As Hermann ruminates, “It’s nothing until someone reads it.”


Michelle C. said...

And it is QUITE SOMETHING when someone watches it!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

And "read it" we did! What a spectacular show, cast, crew, creators, producers!