Monday, September 27, 2010

Black Swan Lab

Great news from the ONE camp to get the fall rolling right!

We’ve been offered a two-day workshop with the amazing Oregon Shakespeare Festival in their Black Swan Lab.

Since last summer’s journey to workshop in New York, Wade and Kristin have been hard at work incorporating all of the actor and audience feedback into a great rewrite of the script. And now it’s time again for actors to breathe some life into the words so they can see what works and what needs tweaking.

We’ll head down to beautiful Ashland, Oregon (Wade’s old stomping grounds!) in October and work through the script, focusing the time and attention on the history of the piece and the book. We’ll be joined in the lab by a crew of seasoned and talented actors, as well as an amazing dramaturg.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival continues to grow by leaps and bounds, taking chances and doing some of the most beautiful work. In addition to showing established works in a new light, their commitment to developing new work is inspiring. The American Revolutions: The United States History Cycle will commission up to 37 plays over the next nine years. We had the opportunity to see American Night: The Ballad of Juan José last month and were blown away by the bravery and commitment to a production and script that told stories of America that aren’t always in the books.

It’s amazing to be in such talented company, and we’re incredibly honored to have ONE in their very capable hands!

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