Friday, September 21, 2007

A Note from the producer...

ONE is a modern American Rock Musical that illuminates the search for personal truth. Inspired by the ancient Indian story of Siddhartha. ONE evokes the human spirit and touches the enduring quest for inner understanding. ONE integrates music, theatre and dance. The music is a unique blend of ancient and modern instrumentation, blending not only East and West but past and future as well.

Playwright Wade McCollum has been exploring the idea of ONE for over 12 years. The development has been an intricate process that began when Wade was a teenager playing with melodies and exploring lyrics, the leap to the stage began in a workshop in 1999 and has since been presented in various forms as both workshops and fully staged productions. Each workshop has continued to explore the parable of Siddhartha and has given Wade the ability to explore the development of various tones, sounds, characters, styles, and storytelling.

“ONE is a medium to explore and discuss ideas, to raise questions about what it means to be human on the planet at this most dynamic and intense period in history,” said McCollum. “I see music and theatre as an essential ingredient in catalyzing these conversations between peoples of the world, a disarming place to share myths and to create new ones, together.”

This blog will join Wade and all of the many artistis collaborating in the development and production on a new American Musical. We will examine the process, explore the world of creation, and join the artists in their journey. We hope you will join us.

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