Monday, June 16, 2008

Catching Up

In 2005 we produced our largest staged production to date of ONE The Musical, and at that time, I saw so much more that I wanted to do with the show… so I went on a journey… to work on the story, discover, rewrite, and continue to explore.

The essential thread that has tied all of the incarnations of ONE together is: UNITY. Despite our apparent separation, we are one people, expressing ourselves in brilliant diversity. The manifestations of this musical have been different, yet this fundamental thread has remained the same.

After several months in re-write mode, I felt like I was writing on a hamster wheel, coming up against the same problems and still lacking the tools to solve them.

That is when I sought out a book writer and brought on Kristin Steele. She had worked intimately with ONE since 2004 and has her Master’s in creative writing. She is a woman who understands the workings of a story loom, and understands how to weave a web of conflicts and arcs leading toward resolution. She understands this story from the inside and has helped weave an altogether magnificent script.

So now together we take this journey… and the discovery is beautiful. I hope you will join us in our creative process… we intend to post as often as possible and look forward to having you along for this crazy thing called art.

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