Wednesday, June 24, 2009

An Interview with Todd Loyd

Todd is the Co-Artistic Director of Sonnet Repertory Theatre and will be the director of this summer's workshop production. We thought you might like to get to know him a little.

Todd Loyd (Director) — Todd has worked on and off Broadway, including the Broadway production of La Boheme and The Color Purple, and with such festivals as NYMF and NAMT. He has toured the country as an actor and has worked as both actor and director at The Kennedy Center, The Eugene O’Neill Playwright’s Conference and Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet Company, among others. Portions of Todd’s directing work have aired nationally on PBS, and some of his notable directing credits include Burn This and Sight Unseen. He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, and serves as Co-Artistic Director of Sonnet Repertory Theatre.

What is your favorite part of working on a new piece?

The energy of the writers and actors. It's an exciting process and if you're lucky enough to find the "right" people, the opportunities for discovery and growth are endless. By "right" people, I mean those who are trying to tell a story in a new and fresh way while bringing an openness and willingness to the process. As this is a workshop production, the opportunity for taking more risks exist and that's very exciting to me.

I had the opportunity to work on The Color Purple and I'm constantly thinking about my time spent on that show while working on ONE. In many ways, The Color Purple experience has prepared me for this venture. It will be a fast-paced, creative and collaborative environment. We've got a creative team that I really believe in, we have all the necessary tools to make ONE a successful endeavor.

What do you think will be the most exciting part will be about working on ONE?

The story. Siddhartha's relationship to the world - spiritually, mentally, physically and socially and Hermann's relationship to his art and what he's willing to give up and/or compromise is a story that is translatable to everyone.

We live in a society where people are searching for something - I moved to New York in search for something. Along the journey, one can compromise a great deal in order to achieve. The question is, was it worth it - did you make the "right" choice? Were you following your intuition or motivated by desire? Intuition is never wrong, in my opinion, but we can often mistake intuition for desire. We don't attempt to answer these questions but we do present our take on one individual's journey.

How did you come to the piece?

I had been following the various incarnations of ONE, throughout the years, via the internet. When Wade moved to New York, I asked to read the script and hear some of the music. He sent me both, within hours, and I immediately wrote an e-mail to my partner in the company (Sonnet Repertory Theatre), Tiffany Little Canfield, and said I think we have to be a part of this - what are your thoughts?

It became clear to me that not only was this a worthwhile project, it fit our mission perfectly. I asked to get involved and in days was on a conference call with Wade, Kristin Steele (Book) and Samantha Swaim (Producer) and here we are, only a few months later.

After a long day of rehearsal where can we find you enjoying a post-work cocktail?

If I'm feeling cute and fancy, Bar Centrale on 46th Street - it's a treat.

What is your cocktail of choice?

Dirty Vodka Martini or a Vodka Gimlet

What theatre have you seen lately that you think everyone MUST see?

Rock of Ages because it's so much fun, August Osage County is the best play I've seen on Broadway and I'm looking forward to seeing Next to Normal.

Favorite place to dine in the city?

I love Mexican food. I like Esperanto and Barrio Chino is a new place that I recently discovered but you can't really go wrong with Mexican food in my opinion.

How can folks support this endeavor?

Support the not-for-profit arts by supporting ONE in NYC.
All donations are tax-deductible!
or you can mail a check to:

Sonnet Repertory Theatre, Inc.
PO Box 772
Attention: ONE
New York, NY 10108

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