Saturday, June 20, 2009

What is a workshop production?

A workshop is a playground for the creative team. This workshop will be an opportunity for Wade and Kristin to see and hear the script, finally getting it off the paper and into the hands of talented New York actors and theater creatives.

A workshop is the process taking a look at the big picture to see what’s missing or what can be left behind, and also the process fine-tuning what is already working. It will be an opportunity to ask questions, to follow and examine each character, to make changes and more changes, to edit, revise, and rewrite.

You take talented people, put them in a room with the material, and see what kind of magic happens. In this workshop we will spend 4 weeks with 9 actors, 3 musicians, 3 designers, a director, a musical director, an assistant director, and a stage manager all with the goal of playing with each moment to ask ourselves… does this work?

At the end of the four weeks we will stage what we’ve worked on for an audience. This will allow us the opportunity to invite new people into the piece, to get feedback, and to add an audience—a crucial element for any piece of theater.

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