Wednesday, June 25, 2008


summer starts in NY wiith a humid 100 degrees, green lightning storms all night long and wind, oh wind!!!!

the endless river of faces on sidewalks and crowded trains, become dotted with perspiration,

42 st. station after audition, loud multi cultural drum circle in the tunnel pounding ancient tribal rhythms, frenetic, yet in deep cooperation, matches the infinite river of faces from tribes around the world pouring out of the rush hour A train to the beat of the drums, like gears we mesh- the in and the out- the tides of travelers, some with children in tow, me with my guitar and groceries....

walking to the river to compose on the bank, I run into top broadway producers, from previous projects they know me by name.... i am surprised and delighted, we talk of ONE and how well it is going, they are genuinely enthusiastic and I gratefully head to the Hudson to play.... glad to be in NYC....

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