Monday, June 23, 2008


Morning or Night?
Wade: Crepuscular, Liminal moments ie: Dawn, Dusk, the inbetweens....
Kristin: Morning

Ocean or River?
Wade: Ocean
Kristin: Ocean

Hot or Cold?
Wade: Hot springs in the snow, or icy water on a hot day.....
Kristin: Just right

Coffee or Tea?
Wade: Tea.
Kristin: Coffee

Jazz or Opera?
Wade: Jazz...Jopera?
Kristin: Jazz

Yoga or Aerobics?
Wade: Guess.....:) OM
Kristin: Yoga

Green or Yellow?
Wade: Green!!!!
Kristin: Blue

Cloud or Sun?
Wade: Rainbows....
Kristin: If it's April after a long winter, sun. If it's October after a long, hot summer, cloud.

Sunrise or Sunset?
Wade: Crepuscular! Yay, I got to use that obscure word twice in one post!!! Sunrise all the way, from the rose garden in Portland.... wow.
Kristin: I like the feeling of sunrise, but the lighting category award certainly goes to sunset.

Water or Mountain?
Wade: Water....I'm a pisces.
Kristin: Mountain

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