Monday, July 28, 2008

The Lottery

While in NY we have all been trying to see as many shows as possible. A few observations: there is a lot of Disney being produced and Times Square on a weekend is insane, packed with tourists all clamoring for that special ticket. And because of observation #1 the majority of those filling Times Square have kids in tow. It's a mad scurry of activity.

Some rush to the TKTS booth and stand in line all morning to get discounts on tickets. Some rush from theatre to theatre asking about rush tickets, student discounts, or cancelled seating. Some linger by the theatre door looking for an extra ticket from another patron. And then some go to the lottery. The lottery is offered in several theatres, it's a discounted ticket, front row, and is often the cheapest seat in the theatre. But they're not always easy to get.

In our case, we went to participate in the lottery for "In the Heights." We arrived early and sat on the stoop of the theatre. Patrons buzzed about looking for every possible entry option. At noon a box office staffer offered up slips of paper for us to enter. Then we waited as more and more folks droped in their little slip of white paper. What had only been a few slips, multiplied exponentially. At 12:30 the names were drawn with only 22 seats available. With each name called, a cheer came from the winner as if they just won the NY State Lottery. Quickly 13 names were choosen to fill the 22 open seats for $26.50 a piece. Ours was not one called. Luckily, there were still a few seats available so we slipped in just before curtain.

Summer on Broadway is buzzing! So exciting.

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