Friday, July 25, 2008

Shakespeare in the park...

After a great breakfast meeting and a thunderstorm that cooled down the city, we headed for a stroll through Central Park. As we rounded the corner, heading toward the Turtle Pond, we came across a line. But not just any line. This was a line of dedicated theatre patrons who had been standing in the rain all morning in an effort to secure tickets to experience that which has become a NY institution—free Shakespeare in the Park. But these days, the fabulous people at the Public have rounded out their free offerings with a blend of Shakespeare and modern text. Tonight's show was Hair. And this line that had begun to form at 6AM was buzzing. We found ourselves in a moment of sheer luck. The usher told us that they were about to open the box office to release tickets. If we jumped in line right then we could probably get seats. Such luck! So we jumped in. Thanks to a rainy morning chasing away the normal line of hopeful patrons we were able to get a handful of tickets. We made a few quick phone calls to friends offering to share our bounty... luckily Noah and Andy were available to join us.

Both Noah and Andy are fantastic actors and singers who were involved in the 2005 production of ONE in Portland. It was a fun little reunion, rocking out in Central Park!


evalarevolution said...

Hey Wade! So glad to find out about your blog. I have been thinking about One the musical all last week and wondering when I will be able to see it again? I NEED TO SEE IT AGAIN! Are there any performances on video I could aquire? I have a friend who I would like to share it with. BIG LOVE! Check out my blog~

One The Musical said...

YAY!!! SO good to hear from you! Right now there is no video of the show....but we are gearing up for some more development which will eventually include some sharing and then a production. Do you ever get out to the East Coast? I would love to see you and hear about what you are up to.... I will check out your blog! MAD LOVE!!! Wade