Friday, July 18, 2008

The Post-It Pad Adventure

While talking through each scene of the play we both had an urge to start mapping, tracking, and visually getting a representation of the piece in a bigger sense... so on a hot and humid day in NY we decided we needed to find an Office Depot... for a Post-It pad flip chart! The solution to everything - a flip chart. We ventured out to the streets where children were running through fire hydrants, folks dashed from shaded spot to shaded spot in a futile effort to stay cool... and where we discovered that the closest office depot was 112 blocks south of us. The subway was a cool and convenient way to traverse in the heat to find our mecca. Once we had our new magic tool, we decided... while in Times Square... we should see a show before we ventured back to our writing studio. So the flip chart came with us, into the Lyceum Theatre where it comfortably took it's seat next to us in B10, where lucky for us... no one was sitting.

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