Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Not all fun & games...

While it may seem that we're out playing all over New York, there is also a lot of work going on here. We've been clocking ten-hour days filled with typing key pads, scribbling notes, and exploring music. It's been exciting to work for two weeks in the same room and talk through things face-to-face. Otherwise we share ideas through our emails, talk via skype, or chat late at night on instant messenger... but those can never replace the energy of actually working in the same space. The place we are working in is in Washington Heights and we've been able to luxuriously dedicate one room to work. Lined with books on one side, my keyboard and recording equipment on the other and a small writing desk for Kristin, it has proven to be a successful working space.

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Anonymous said...

Are you coming back to Rochester New York at all? I'd watch (and lesson ) to you read the phone book
! ;+)