Saturday, July 19, 2008

[title of show]

Last night (with our Post-It pad in tow) we headed over to the Lyceum Theatre to see the fabulous new musical... [title of show]. We laughed and cried over and over at this play that chronicles the making of itself. A musical about two guys writing a musical... trying to get to Broadway. There were so many fabulous moments that we could relate to, laugh at, and cry with. As we sat in the audience, with our Post-It pad flip chart poised... we (book writer and composer) sat and watched them (book writer and composer) explore the road to Broadway. It was a weird duality that was a total thrill. We highly recommend catching it when you can!


Michelle said...

Hey you guys,

I LOVE this blog and the fun details of the crazy process!

I thought of you a couple of days ago. I got to quote ONE to my friend who is visiting New York soon. She wanted to know play recommendations and I told her to see August Osage Co.

I told her not to go anything that was "product, not art." One of my favorite lines from ONE.

Revel in the creative process, we can't wait to see what happens!


Anonymous said...

I was excited to see what you had to say about this piece. I've read several articles about it and it sounded intriguing. I'm sure it resonated, as you said, with all of you!


elpharose39 said...

I also suggest everyone go see it, I loved it.

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